Men’s League Weekly Highlights

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March 9, 2020

Hi guys.

We now have finished week 25 and Royalty Auto remains in first place with a record of 126-74 with Kent & Pelczar and Caprioli Painting tied for second place with records of 119-81. Nasty North is in fourth place with a record of 98-102 and Goodrich in fifth place with a record of 94-106.

Matches for the evening were: Sparechange and Auto Excellence tied 4-4, Screwballs over Nasty North 6-2, Caprioli Painting over Kent & Pelczar 8-0, Royalty Auto over Storace Construction 6-2 and Goodrich and Legion tied 4-4.

With 5 weeks remaining in the season, including an important position night, all teams remain in the hunt for a place in the roll-off. High bowler for the evening was John Burke III with a 343 series followed by Dean Truax ‘s 334 series, Dave Poulin’s 330 series and Zach Nickerson’s 320 series. High game was bowled by Joh Burke III with a 136 game with Dean Truax’s 131 game and Dave Poulin’s 120 game the only other games topping the 120 mark.

Once again, no one hit either the perfect game or triple strike pool and they both continue to grow. The 50/50 drawing continues to be ahead of last years total to date but has slipped the last few weeks in its support.

In a sad note, we wish the Frey family our deepest sympathy in the sudden passing of Ken, a member of The Legion team. He was a long time bowler and will definitely be missed.

Be safe and healthy and I will see you all next Monday.


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