Men’s League Weekly Highlights

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September 16, 2018

Hi guys. I’m back from vacation and teams are starting to fill their rosters with new bowlers to the league. Welcome to all!

After week six, we find KJs Ballbusters in first place with a record of 36-12 followed by Kent & Pelczar at 32-16 in second. There is a three way tie for third at 26-22 with Goodrich, Sparechange and The Legion all sharing the third position. Matches for the night were: KJs Ballbusters over Kent & Pelczar 6-2, Sparechange over Nasty North 6-2, Storace Construction and The Legion tied 4-4, Royalty Automotive over Screwballs 8-0 and Auto Excellence over Goodrich 6-2.

High bowler for the evening was Steve Poulin with a great 388 series Followed by Dick Gingras’ 349 series and Bryan Gagnon’s 347 series. High game was also bowled by Steve Poulin with (2) 137 games followed once again by Dick Gingras’ 129 game and Bryan Gagnon’s 128 game.

No one hit either the triple strike pool or the perfect game pool and they continue to grow. The 50/50 drawing totals are down a little this year but I’m confident we will make as much or more than last year.


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