Men’s League Weekly Highlights

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April 15, 2019

Hi guys.
The season has finally ended and we enter into our new roll-off format next week. This year there will only be a one week championship roll-off instead of the eight team bracket that we have used before. The final standings for the second half are: Kent & Pelczar in first place followed by Kjs Ballbusters in second, Storace Construction in third,Goodrich in fourth place, Auto Excellence in fifth place, Royalty Auto in sixth, Nasty North in seventh, Sparechange in eighth place, The Legion in ninth place and Screwballs in tenth place.
For those interested, the final standings for the full season are these. Kent & Pelczar in first place with a record of 159-81 followed by Kjs Ballbusters at 143-97, Storace Construction in third place at 127-113, Goodrich in fourth place at 126-114, Nasty North in fifth place with a record of 121-119, Auto Excellence in sixth place at 112-128, Sparechange in seventh place at 107-133, Screwballs in eighth place at 105-135, Royalty Auto in ninth place at 102-138 and the Legion in tenth place at 98-142.
Pins were falling easy with 50 games over the 100 mark and 18 series over the 300 mark, both highs for the season. High bowler for the evening was Steve Poulin with a series of 375 followed by Dich Gingras with a series of 356. Those bowlers also bowling over the 320 mark were: Dean Truax and Bryan Gagnon with series of 345, Don Micucci’s and Matt Orcutt’s 340 series, Jim Mastin’s 337 series, Howie Cilley’s 332 series, Norm St. Pierre’s 329 series and Logan Gingras’ 323 series.
High game was bowled by Dick Gingras with a great 166 game with Bryan Gagnon next with a 147 game. Those also bowling over the 120 mark were: Matt Orcutt with a 136 game, Steve Poulin’s 132 game(Steve also bowled 122 and 121 games), Dean Truax’s 131 game, Norm St. Pierre’s 124 and 123 games, Don Micucci’s 124 game, Jim Mastin’s 121 game and Howie Cilley’s 120 game.
Dick Gingras hit the triple strike (also had a nine pin drop on the next box) and won $210. Congratulations Dick!
The triple strike will resume next season with $100 in it. The perfect game was not hit and will be will be run during the Championship roll-off next week with $631 in it.
Once again, the 50/50 drawing continues to be a big success and we have reached high marks in both what the league takes in and winnings for the bowlers.
Next week, we will run the 50/50 drawing the same as last week with the incentive to raise more money to go to more and better prizes than last year. The totals now sit at $2072 which is $318 above last years total.
I want to thank all of you who also made the fund raiser for Jaelyn a big success, and helping her reach her goal for higher education this summer.
Because Kent & Pelczar won both halves of the season, they will not have to roll-off for the Championship. Nasty North and Kjs Ballbusters finished in second place in the two halves and will bowl for second and third place on lanes 8-9. Storace Construction finished in third place in the second half and will match up with Goodrich, which finished in fourth place in the first half but bounced up to third opposite Storace, for fourth and fifth place on lanes 3-4. Screwballs and Auto Excellence finished in fifth place respectively and will roll-off for sixth and seventh place on lanes 5-6. Sparechange and Royalty Auto finished in sixth place and will roll-off for eighth and ninth place on lanes 3-4.The Legion finish in ninth place and will receive tenth place money. Teams Kent & Pelczar and Legion will bowl together the night of the roll-off for fun.

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