Men’s League Weekly Highlights

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April 10, 2017

Hi guys. Another season has come to an end and it’s been a very successful season. We only had 1 week effected by the weather and we are ending on May 8th with our awards banquet.

After leading the league for most of the season, Caprioli Painting, after falling into 2nd last week, regained first place with 337 points with Kent & Pelczar in second place with 333 points. Screwball finished in third with 316 points followed by Gepetto’s with 315 points in fourth, The Legion in fifth with 292 points and Storace Construction in sixth place with 291 points. Sparechange and Goodrich round out the top eight teams going into the roll-off.

Matches for position night were: Sparechange over Goodrich 12-8, Gepetto’s over Screwballs 11-9, Caprioli Painting over Kent & Pelczar 13-7, Storace Construction over The Legion 12-8 and Deadwood Duds over TBB 12-8.For the evening, there were 47 games over the 100 mark and 13 series over the 300 mark. High bowler for the evening was Dick Gingras with a 347 series followed by John Burke Jr.  with a 345 series.

Those bowlers also topping the 320 mark were: Bryan Gagnon’s 344 series, Jim Mastin’s 340 series, Howie Cilley’s 337 series and Norm St. Pierre’s 334 series. High game was bowled by Howie Cilley with a 138 game followed by Bryan Gagnon with a 131 game. Others topping the 120 mark were: Mark Pelczar’s 128 game, Norn St. Pierre’s 127 game, Tim McDonald’s 124 game, Dick Gingras’ 123 game and John Burke jr.’s 122 game.

No one hit the triple strike and the pool has $1044 in it. We will run the triple strike the first week of the roll-offs and if no one hits it, it will roll over to next season.
Thanks again for your support of the End 68 Hours of Hunger program. We were able to give the program $563 beyond the multiple bags that were picked up the first Monday of each month. You guys are great!!!

Remember to save May 8th for the awards banquet. The banquet will start at 6:00 with the awards to follow.

Thanks for a great season!!!!


 End 68 Hours of Hunger

Here is the website to learn more. Also please “like” the Facebook page. It’s updated often with events and ways to help. If you own a business and would like to collect food for the program, please contact them to add you to the website as a drop-off point.

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